MARCH 13, 2021 –

I have extended the deadline for HLS until tomorrow.  Since no one will read this I will just shut it off and delete anything that shows up after the fact. As a reminder I am NOT providing contrib copies as I am now BROKE.

peace and love


February 21, 2021 –

Submissions will be open until March 1, 2021, due to lack of participation.

Also, please note that HLS will return to LULU as the cost of producing a Chapbook without doing submission fees provided daunting.  Sorry.

January 12, 2021
submissions are open until February 15th.
contributors copies are no longer provided free of charge.
edition will be posted electronically and on lulu press.

november 21, 2020



october 3, 2020

pandemic hibernation is over and HLS is back. we have a new format and new idea on managing the monster.  check the submissions page for an update.


april 9, 2020

heroin love songs is up. this is the 8th edition of my writing journal, one with a 10 or so year hiatus.

it was tough then.  it is tougher now.  i hope you like it and if you don’t i don’t fucking care.  there are a lot of great writers in this edition and i love their writing.

enjoy and remember, all errors are mine.



march 16, 2020

submissions  to heroin love songs  are now closed.  you may submit to 1870 but responses are delayed due to julian being in a mood.

i will try to get responses out as soon as possible.

thanks – jck

february 25, 2020

hi kids,
i am going to start reading HLS8 subs on march 1, 2020. final subs will be march 15, 2020. with all the issues with my father (he is in hospice care) the release might get pushed, but i will let you all know.’

hang in.

love to all



january 29, 2020

i am little out of it of late, for a wide variety of reasons, but whatever.  please note that submissions for HLS8 open on Feb 1, 2020 and will remain open until Mar 31, 2020.  Notifications will go out after that date w/electronic publication on a rolling basis and print early May 2020.  you can still pick up copies of HLS7 at LULU, HEROIN LOVE SONGS 2.0 Fall 19

january 7, 2020

i have updated the submission guidelines.  we are adding fiction and pornography erotica to genres.  please review sub page to get a better idea of what we are up to.

december 20, 2019

HLS is finally available in print and I have received my copies for final approval/edit.  It looks good and I’ve released to the world.  For the moment it is only available at LULU which can be found here,  HEROIN LOVE SONGS 2.0 Fall 19.

I haven’t put it on Amazon or elsewhere because it would be expensive.  And it would ship direct from LULU anyway.

At $6 American you can’t beat it.

As far as any additional editions of HLS you will have to wait until late spring 2020.  Not sure I am up for another round.

Cover is in for HLS2.0 Fall 2019 – Photo courtesy of Rob Plath

CoverHLS2.0Fall2019November 03, 2019

Heroin Love Songs 2.0, Fall 2019 is now out and online.  You can find it herein by selecting the link, Heroin Love Songs 2.0 Fall 2019.  It would seem obvious but trust me it is not.

Click here for access to HLS V2.0 Fall edition.  Or Here, but not here.  You can go here but not recommended for work.  NSFW.  This is a link to a naked woman. And this is a link to men engaged in a romantic moment.

Enjoy and, authors, if there are any fuck-ups those are my fault.  Please send a note and I will correct before the print version comes out in early December.

The edition is a monster and I am only going to do this twice a year.  Fall and Spring.

Special thanks to PUMA PERL whose assistance in getting the submission process going proved invaluable.  The incredible talent assembled made my job difficult and easy.  Believe it or not I had well over 400 poems submitted.



H E R O I N L O V E S O N G S V2.0

Initially Heroin Love Songs was a school thing.  Nothing more, nothing less.  I needed to fatten my CV in order to get that prestigious Associate Professor position teaching all the community college kiddies freshman comp.

So that never happened.

Heroin Love Songs had 6 editions that I put out on LULU PRESS and sold via Amazon, like a lot of small pressers do.  It was a blast to do and after 10 years I realized I missed it, and I missed getting published.  The smaller the press the better.

Heroin Love Songs is back and I have settled on two editions per year.  One in Nov-Dec and the second that will be Jun-Jul time frame.

The idea behind Heroin Love Songs has not changed.  It is a venue for new and established writers, and the focus will remain poetry.  My belief remains that poetry is the first language of a writer.  If one can e successful with poetry one can write anything.

And what are my creds?  Between 2006 and 2013 I was widely published in a number of on-line and print zines: CC&D, Red Fez, Oak Bend Review, Instant Pussy, Static Movement, Winamop, Gloom Cupboard, Clockwise Cat, Flutter Magazine, decomP, Skitzo Lit, Phantom Seed, Eviscerator Heaven, Lit Up Magazine, Covert Poetics, Mad Swirl, Bolts of Silk, Origami Condom, Poetry Cemetery, Neon Beam, Cause & Effect, Word Slaw, Toronto Quarterly, Beat the Dust, Poetic Diversity, Pocket Change, Poetry Warrior, Lit Up, Kill Poet, ink sweat and tears, Unquiet Desperation, Luciole Press, Exuberant Ashtray, Opium Poetry, Deep Tissue, Asinine Poetry, Shoots & Vines, Heavy Bear, Whistling Fire, Plebian Rag, Whistling Fire, Counterexample Poetics, Rusty Truck, Beat the Dust, 3:AM, Scythe, Clutching at Straws, and Gutter Eloquence.  Recent return to writing includes publication in Horror Sleaze Trash, Bold Monkey, Red Fez, and others…

Chapbooks/Books: “Snow in Summer and the Playground is Closed,” “Empty Houses-Kendra Steiner Editions,” “the Downtown Cafe (Erbacce Press),” “With the Patience of Monuments (neoPoesis) ,” “Crunked, (Epic Rites)” and “the Righthand Curve of a Continuous Circle. (Blunt Trauma Press).”

hls cover