subs now open until feb 15, 2021

submissions will reopen on January 1, 2021 for



please note there are reading periods now.

reading periods:

Jan 1 – Feb 15
Apr 1 – Apr 30
Jul 1 – Jul 31
Oct 1 – Oct 31

The format has changed so please read below very carefully.  I know some of you don’t and that is annoying.

heroin love songs, a journal of poetic indifference, is back from a pandemic hibernation.

new rules, new guidelines, new fun.
Going forward there will be a strict limit of 100 chapbooks per edition.  after those are sold out i will put the edition on
new guidelines:
  1. embed into the email up to 5 poems of which 1 will have a chance of getting in. emails with attachments will be deleted without comment.
  2. send to emails sent to wrong address will be deleted without comment.
  3. poems should be no longer than 35 lines. we want one poem per page
  4. issues will be capped at 35 poems.
  5. poems only. no longer accepted any other form.
  6. once i have 35 poems an issue will be created.
  7. no more contrib copies, sorry.  i ran out of extra money
  8. print available on lulu
  9. i will continue to electronically post.
  10. there will be 4 issues per year, or less.
  11. simultaneous accepted, advise if accepted elsewhere immediately.
  12. previously published will NO LONGER be accepted..
  13. no bios.
  14. no bullshit.
  15. don’t suck.

love to all,

your indifferent editor,



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