subs now open until march 14, 2021

The format has changed so please read below very carefully.

new rules, new guidelines, new fun.

new guidelines:
  1. embed into the email up to 5 poems of which 1 will have a chance of getting in. emails with attachments will be deleted without comment.
  2. send to emails sent to wrong address will be deleted without comment.
  3. there is no length limitation but shorter is better.
  4. issues will no longer be capped.
  5. poems only. no longer accepted any other form.
  6. no more contrib copies, sorry.  i ran out of extra money
  7. print available on lulu
  8. i will continue to electronically post..
  9. simultaneous accepted, advise if accepted elsewhere immediately.
  10. previously published will NO LONGER be accepted..
  11. no bios.
  12. no bullshit.
  13. don’t suck.

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