2 poems, by ryan quinn flanagan

Juan Peron’s hands

were dismembered
from his body
in 1987

by some old freemason buddies
who desecrated his body
in a bid for political gain
from the beyond

blaming this desecration of the dead
on simple grave robbers

which was easy enough to do
and a widely reported deception
at the time.

What would the Argentine strongman
do without his hands?

As Madonna pretended to be his wife.
Singing Don’t Cry for Me Argentina
from the safety of her Beverly Hills mansion
at 6342 Mulholland Drive.

it doesn’t sound like Cheap Trick at Budokan at all

Someone plays some silly anthem
masquerading as a country
and it doesn’t sound like Cheap Trick
at Budokan at all.

The Japanese people
will be most disappointed.

And I share their disappointment.

From unfinished basements
to last resting places.

Give the kids what they want.
Even if it is just more kids.

I love the passion of the people.
All those young wild eyes
so ready to roll back in their
horny bum a ride midnight nicotine
liquor-soaked heads.

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