2 poems, by dan holt

days of our lives

The murmur
of soap opera voices in the afternoon
Johnny Carson
cracking wise late at night
This was the ‘70s
before all night tv
so there were hours and hours
of static

She would take him his meals
tomato soup
chicken salad
pack of smokes

The gun was still in his hand
when she found him
face blown off
the contents of his head
splattered on the wall behind him

She didn’t scream
didn’t cry
didn’t say a word
just sat down
lit one of his cigarettes
and settled in
to watch Days of Our Lives

redemption and salvation

There’s a man
on the corner
with a bible
and a bottle
the crowd
for redemption
for a savior

The sky goes black
and the rain comes
washing away
his tears

He falls
to his knees
his arms outstretched
his head tilted back
to let water fill his lungs

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Pexels.com

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