go on, go, by PAUL TANNER

quite what you think
you’re gonna achieve
yelling about the mask rule
to a shop worker, I don’t know.
if you care that much
maybe you should go yell
at the government that introduced it?
you know, the government
that makes us shopworkers enforce it?
go on, go
put your money where your naked mouth is,
stand outside parliament
and hurl this abuse at
the scrounging kiddie fiddlers
who neglected the pandemic
until it reached this crisis point,
why don’t you?
go be angry customers
at them.
go be angry at them together,
all your naked mouths
chanting your collective anger
side by side,
why don’t you?
go spray your speech free
all over one another,
instead of us shop workers,
why don’t you?
and if you happen to take a few politicians down
with you?
well, that’d be just dandy.

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