Daisy Miller by: NATTIE O’SHEGGZY

A penny for the departed
Wagered by the Roman fever
Tuppence for the living
Staid with grand fervour
Many roads uncharted
Twisting and turning
Fork in to reliving
Heart’s stub a-burning
Love once I say
In the thump thump
Amen to your silence
Gliding in the bump bump
At the break of day
When cuckoos crowd
Or I cup your resilience
In passion once proud
In this strained song
Written on the tablet of time
Again we bring tears
With our name to rhyme
In to eyes of the throng

Now I know your fear
Meowing in the dark
Flourishes on in my heart
Stand naked stark
Daisy Miller
In the wintry bloom
The gloom melt with the ice
I Winterbourne am the groom
With dithering in the eyes

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