poems by: jay miner

budd dwyer
was a
politician who
stuck a
.357 magnum
in his
mouth and
squeezed the
trigger during
a televised
press conference

to this
day he
remains the
one and
only politician
that i
have ever
seen do
the right

burroughs claimed
that he
accidentally shot
his wife
in the
head during
a game of
william tell
but he
was an
expert marksman
who knew
exactly what
he was

sylvia plath
said everything
in life
is writable

until you
stick your
head in
an oven

kerouac said
the only
truth is
music but
i found
his drinking
himself to
death to
be far
more profound

The problem with poets
Is the same with proctologists
Both just wanna
blow smoke
Up your ass

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