hypoallergenic – robert beveridge

Like the bear that wanders
into the liquor store, tries
to get a Moscow mule
but gets the cops called
on him instead. Like
a brony hookup site
with a profile questionnaire
so incisive that you can
not only nail down which
pony you are but what episode
best reflects what you should
have for dinner tonight. Like
the best cookie you’ve ever had
and then you find out
the company folded seven
years ago. Like when you
reach down to pet the cat
and discover it’s turned
into an iguana. Like you would
not allow any bear in your
household to go to the liquor
store before he turned 21
(or whatever 21 in bear years is).
Like you wonder why the world
has gone a bit blurry and there’s
the taste of almond in your throat.

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