seth brown, garden heart

garden heart

I’m sick of love poems,
So I was going to write a poem about a garden.
But gardens are a metaphor for love.
In order to tend them,
You must have patience.
They require care on a regular basis,
To avoid withering away.
A monoculture is a bad idea,
As your crop will be healthier and more interesting
If you diversify.
Sometimes a rainy day
Is just what your garden needs.
Giving your plants a lot of shit
Will make them grow.
Putting cages around your plants
Can be the only way to protect them from wild animals.
In order to properly tend a Bonsai tree,
Remove a few limbs
To make it grow in a twisted way
That you find beautiful.
Maybe gardens aren’t always a metaphor for love.
Which is fine by me,
I was sick of love poems anyway.

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