kerryn tredrea, two poems

wild at heart

dismounting the last train
to walk the secret paths of memory
and longing,
turning in circles around the real issue
which is forgetting.
and the moon will supervise the exorcism
as you laugh with the junkies and cry with the
saints when you know it should be the other way round,
but it’s like walking up a really steep hill, or a
dingo, all you want is to be wild at heart.


i accused mean mr. mustard
in the conservatory, with the whips and chains.
but the backlash is severe
on my fledgling hump when he says
“no one knows what love is!”
when you’re vicious pretty
the gymp suit never comes off.

i find my window of opportunity
and look through to the red-light district.
but i’ve forgotten my green eye shadow
so not even the whores will accept me.
in a place where stranger and danger kiss
images of childhood nightmares play out
and it’s ok to use sins of the past
as tools of the present.
end of opening montage.

the ants have arrived early
to find me clutching at scarecrow straws
and howling at the moon.
but it’s really the thrill of the spilled blood
and the side effects of the egg donation
wreaking havoc in my body and
even in a rerun melodrama it’s still
too early to return to the scene of the crime.

in no man’s land. “cocktails or slumber shades?”
flashbacking tragedies and
snatching morsels of affection.
but tomorrow is polly wally tuesday
in the united states of unrelentless
so, smash the bulbs boys
cos I’m more ashamed of the light than the dark.
i may dance naked in front of the mirror
but I have no time for self-reflection.

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