submissions are now closed for HLS X.  submissions will reopen on December 1, 2020 for HLS XI.


Submissions are back.  Open to all, as always.  And no reading fee ever.

The format has changed so please read below very carefully.  I know some of you don’t and that is annoying.

heroin love songs, a journal of poetic indifference, is back from a pandemic hibernation.
new rules, new guidelines, new fun.
HLS is changing formats. While we are still making chapbooks for the editions and limiting to 100 copies, we will also include on LULU for international.  unfortunately i am not going to pay international postage.  i can mail in the continental US pretty cheap so i will offer that outlet.
new guidelines:
  1. embed into the email up to 5 poems of which 1 will have a chance of getting in. emails with attachments will be deleted without comment.
  2. send to emails sent to wrong address will be deleted without comment.
  3. poems should be no longer than 37 lines. we want one poem per page
  4. issues will be capped at 35 poems.
  5. poems only. no longer accepted any other form.
  6. once i have 35 poems an issue will be created.
  7. one contributor copy will be mailed, USA only, lower 48 only.
  8. additional issues are $1. out of area will have to pay shipping, sorry i’m not rich.
  9. issues will be numbered. there will be 50, initially, per printing.
  10. i will continue to electronically post.
  11. no more than 1 issue released per 60 day period. in short there will be six per year.
  12. simultaneous accepted, advise if accepted elsewhere immediately.
  13. previously published will be accepted. cite original location of 1st publication. please, no excerpts from collectors.
  14. no bios.
  15. no bullshit.
  16. don’t suck.

love to all,

your indifferent editor,


Submissions will reopen on Feb 1, 2020 and remain open until March 15, 2020. Electronic version will post around April 1, 2020, and Print will come out around April 15, 2020.

There is no theme, as always, but I am looking to accept more fringe type material. I’m not sure what that means either, but instinct is telling me to get more in the margin. Broad voices, distinctive vision.  LGBTQIA+ welcome.

There are few rules:

Note: These are new as of March 3, 2020

  • All SUBMISSIONS must be sent to  The subject line should appear as such, SUBMISSION – HLS – Your last name.
  • All SUBMISSIONS must be embedded into the body of an email OR attached as a word document.
  • Poetry – 2-5 poems. Shorter poems are preferred but I will read anything.  Please no odd spacing or indentation.
  • Short Fiction – 1,000 words or less.  No more than 3 pieces.
  • CNF, Essay, Opinion – Query first at
  • All SUBMISSIONS must be NEW and ORIGINAL. I check everything through a plagiarizer website.
  • Simultaneous accepted but please notify upon other acceptance.
  • No previously published.
  • First time electronic and print rights, and electronic archival rights.  All rights revert to author after initial publication.
  • Heroin Love Songs retains the right to change our minds.  About anything. This would include but is not specific to, changing publication date without prior written and specific notice; changing order of appearance between electronic and written; and, related.  Acceptance does not necessarily confirm, assure, and suggestion inclusion in both print and electronic.  Generally, all acceptances will appear on-line.
  • Heroin Love Songs will appear in Fall and Spring, although specific dates are neither implied or specific.  Timing and actual publication subject to change.  Editor, publisher, and/or owner of Heroin Love Songs and all related entities may, without prior written notice or acknowledgement, cease all operations.
  • Heroin Love Songs does not provide payment of any form, either barter or cash payment.  Heroin Love Songs retains the right to provide copies of any edition to specific individuals as seen fit and proper.  This would generally any individual that provided substantive assistance, guidance or input to any action within the realm of selection, editing, and/or publishing.
  • Heroin Love Songs upholds all tenets of the 1st Amendment.  Freedom of Speech and Expression are core tenets of HLS.  However, any item considered inappropriate, hateful, violent, or incitement of violence will summarily be discarded without further consideration.
  • Don’t suck.

and a note of advice: Please include a cover letter.  it can be a sentence or two.  i am tired of just getting the poem or just the fiction.

send to

I don’t charge a reading fee.  I don’t comment on rejected items. 

HEROIN LOVE SONGS is not for profit in any form.  All printed material will be listed at cost.  Proof of “at-cost” can be provided.

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